Six Templates for Aspiring Product Managers

One the best things I’ve read all week, and hence it’s being list at the top, is Kevin Steigerwald post of product management templates. He shares some very useful frameworks for those just starting in product management as well as some ideas for veterans. I’m going to start using his framework around the Weekly Recap as well as his recommended tool Reportly. There’s some good practical advise here as well as some productivity tools you’ll find useful.

Qualitative Web Analytics: Heuristic Evaluations Rock!

Avinash Kaushik’s post this week, note it’s not on the website yet but if you sign-up for this email you’ll get it early, led me to an older post of his about heuristic evaluations. You’ve likely led one of these sessions or been a participant in one. I’ve mentioned my interest in posts that share specific tactics that you can use in the office and this is a great step-by-step guide in how to conduct this type of testing. There’s also an excellent usability checklist.

Easter Egg Marketing: How Snapchat, Apple, and Google Hook You

I wondered the other day how much do easter eggs increase engagement. This article from Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt speaks to three areas where easter eggs could drive engagement; creating buzz, sense of belonging and building brand. There’s also excellent examples from Apple, Lyft and Google. As I research this topic more I’ll share what I find. If you’ve come across something similar please let me know.

An operating model for company side agile development

Another staple read in my inbox are the reports from McKinsey. This report talks about how to build an agile culture not just within the development team but throughout the organization. Some of the key takeaways for me where rolling out the agile methodology within the finance department and using a “wave and spike” platform across the organization.