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What I’m Reading June 26, 2016

Disruption’s Long, Slow, Complex Journey

The cycle is the same one Clayton Christian proved in The Innovators Dilemma but Steve Sinofsky does bring new examples from the retail sector. His illustrations around how long the decline can take are food for thought for those that think they can move into a disruptive position quickly. As a start-up it could become a long drawn out fight. Putting it in perspective, e-commerce is only a 300B industry compared to the total retail industry which is 4.5T just in the US alone. Sinoksky also illustrates well how businesses become trapped in a supply chain system that can stifle innovation and a rapid pivot.

Smarter Content Measurement

I must admit that when I see a new email in my inbox from Avinash Kaushik I get really excited and want to open it right away. I’ve also come to terms with the time investment, his posts take an hour of my time because I want to jump right into Google Analytics and research the topic he’s written about. This one is no exception. He shares two new custom reports which measure business value of content and technical page performance. On the business value side I found it interesting to look at Unique Pageviews against Entrance Page, high uniques and low bounce from first page in is a winning combination. Once you start adding advance filters like the number of unique page views over 10,000 and pages that are the entrance page more than 70% of the time and where the bounce rate is less than 30% then you start to see the pages that are really working for you. On the technical side the Average Page Load Time can be almost downright depressing. This report can certainly help get buy-in from those needed to spend some time and money on cleaning up some of the tech debt.

Intel Disrupted: Why Large Companies Find it Hard to Innovate, and What They Can Do about It

Looks like I was in a mode to read about how companies get disrupted this week. Steve Blank’s article looks at how companies become blind to the pending change because of the shortsighted view impressed on them by stock price. Longterm R&D does not increase stock price in the near term and is therefore easy and early to cut. Rapid shifts in technology and the start-up industry are also causing large organizations to falter and become displaced within their markets.

What I’m Reading May 15 2016

The Growth Hacking Podcast – Peter Reinhardt – Segment

Why settle for one analytics platform best parts of all of them. In this podcast Peter Reinhardt talks about his product Segment which is the “pipe” between your site and many analytics platforms. Peter shares some great insights into how he and his team ‘discovered’ the product as well as his best advice to those starting out, be a Product Manager.

Ad Block Tracking with Google Analytics

I am almost always up for an experiment and this is one I can’t wait to run. Avinash Kaushik who write’s Occam’s Razor and you’ll likely see here a bit as I read all of his posts shares some snippets of code to test if you’re visitors are using ad blockers. There are a number of reasons the publishing business is struggling and ad blocking is one. Gain some insight into how much of your traffic isn’t seeing one of your revenue streams at all.

Your User Deserve Better – An Inside Look at Reminder’s Customer Obsession

In this interview with Remind’s founder Brett Kopf he discusses how he develop his product idea, through personal need and interviews, as well as some specific tactics to stay connected with your customer base. This article made this week’s list because I am always looking for actionable tactics and Brett shares some activities that you can start at the beginning of product discovery but also ways to stay connected as you scale your product and business.

Apple, Facebook, Google, and Alibaba Take Hollywood

As we enter the beginning of the end of the banner ad (see Ad Block Tracking above) and Netflix’s accounts for a third of all internet traffic the race is on to find the next business model to deliver advertising revenue. The finish line for now is original content and this Fast Company article looks at how the four biggest contenders are gearing up.

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