Why Did My Sessions Go Down in Google Analytics

One of my favourite sites and blogs for actionable tactics is LunaMetrics. This post is about a question we have all had, or has been asked of us, “what happened with my visitor count on this date?”. The article covers the standard response of, looks interesting but let me look into it, to the campaign is working and how do we crank it up more. One piece of advice that I particularly like is to always consider seasonality. I’ve seen it before, there’s a big boost in traffic and we dig into it only to find out that the long weekend fell two weeks earlier this year than last.

The Recursive Product Strategy That Musk Used to Build an Empire

Last week Steve Sinofsky talked about how long it can take to build a sustainable start-up and find that breakthrough. This week Vinny Lingham’s post looks at how to build a framework for long-term effort and stay focused on the next milestone, on the way to the ultimate goal. Lingham’s uses Elon Musk’s experience with Tesla as well as his own experience to illustrate the framework he’s coined, Recursive Product Strategy. Basically you start at the end and work your way forward, not a new way of thinking but Lingham frames the idea in a manner that doesn’t simply list the things that need to happen to reach an endpoint. His method is to keep asking yourself “What’s Needed?” and “Why Not Now” at every stage. After you answer these questions for the final goal you have the next set of questions which will become the stage before the goal. Working this backward, or forward depending on your perspective you reach a point where the question of “Why Not Now?” becomes, “The time is now!”.

Three Types of Product Managers: Builders, Tuners, Innovators

Sachin Rekhi’s outline of how the online product management field is evolving is right on the mark. There are a number of essays on the varied skill sets a product manager needs to be successful but the practice of product management is becoming so broad that it’s time for it, like many professional practices, to become deep in some areas and for specialists to emerge. Rekhi identifies three archetypes and provides a very clear definition of each. This is a good read for those looking to enter the field and align interests with their future goals. I’d include a couple others, the growth product manager and the technical product manager.

Every Company Needs a Growth Manager

What works in small business and start-ups usually filters it’s way to the corporate world, this article suggests that’s now true of the Growth Manager role. Every company needs someone pointed directly at growing their audience, engagement and revenue. The role defines the growth path, coordinates and executes programs and optimizes the revenue funnel. A couple of quotes from Sean Ellis and James Currie about intuitive testing prioritization and knowing your acquisition channels really capture the essence of the role for me.