An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption

Largely a retelling of Clayton Christensen’s the Innovator’s Dilemma this piece provides some good examples of how publishers struggle with the coming on the online era and how some embraced it despite the early signs that this attitude would not protect their core business. There is a good framework provided to determine where the description lifecycle is in a given industry and where your organization might fall. A quick read to help us remember that complacency is the chair of demise.

The Key Ingredient to Disrupting with Machine Learning

Tom Tunguz looks at what the key ingredients are for machine learning and artificial Intelligence, specifically advanced algorithms and data sets. His hypothesis is that Google and Facebook have pretty much corned the market for B2C in both these areas but there is still lots of greenfield for B2B in this space. Inspiring read for those focused on the B2B space.

The Truth About Customer Experience

This article provides a good framework for how to review and how to improve your customer experience. Although written from the standpoint of the services industry the methodology can still be effectively applied in the online industry. A key take away, remembering to always ensure all the participants are at the table when reviewing practices as you never know where an insight might come from and an inspired simple solution. There are also some management organizational alignment recommendations to scale the customer improvement process. One bank required board members and executives to call five dissatisfied customers a month. That’s getting to know your customer from the top down.

Drew Houston of Dropbox: Figure Out the Things You Don’t Know

A quick read with the founder of Dropbox in Q&A format where he talks about the importance of digging into what you don’t know and always be reading. Which is of course why you’re here.