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What I’m Reading June 5, 2016

The Product Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery and DevOps

A straightforward look at what is meant by continuous delivery by Suzie Price at Mind the Product. Suzie outline the differences between Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and DevOps. Believe it or not all organizations are not building software with the DevOps mindset and my office has just started started down the path of Continuous Integration with the end gail of being fully DevOps. There’s also some great additional reading at the end of the article.

Startup and Pendulum Swings Through Ideas, Time, Fame and Money

This podcast is part of the Andeerson Horowitz a16z series and features Marc Andeerson and Balaji Srinivasan talking about everything from why a VC would invest in a startup to whether or not the Stanford student audience they we speaking to should stay in school. On the note of why a VC would invest in a startup Marc offers the view that there are three elements that VCs look at and usually each VC falls into one of these buckets as to why they’d invest in a copy. The three being market, product and team. Listening to this podcast is like getting a free ticket to see game seven of the NBA playoffs. Court side.

The Broken Window Theory In Design and Product Development

Drawing a parallel between the theory that permitting petty crime in a neighbourhood will beget more violent crime Tobias van Schneider discusses how permitting shortcuts to meet delivery dates will beget poor quality product. Most of us have seen this to be true as sites grow in traffic and age only to repeat the reframe ‘we’ll fix that in the next release’ so as to meet a delivery date. It reminds me of the story that Marty Cagan told in his book Inspired where eBay was almost brought to it’s knees in the early days because the organization was focused on growth rather than growth and scalability. This could prove to be a good analogy when selling quality together with speed to executives.

Mary Meeker – Internet Trends 2016

Okay, this is likely included in everyone’s week wrap-up or if you haven’t already read this I suggest you click-thru now. I call it the annual Super Bowl of the internet and Meeker provides not only great insight into online trends but also a good overview of the state of the economy. In fact some of the most interesting information I found this year is where the global GDP in the last 6 of 8 years has been below 20 year averages and the commodity price index is at its lowest level since the year 2000. Also shocking, on the advertising side is Google’s share of the $60B in US online ad spend is close to $30B or 50%.


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