Doing Data Science Right – Your Most Common Questions Answered

Thought the Analyst that sits down the way from you was also a Data Scientist? Their not and this article talks about some of the differences while focusing in on what a Data Scientist does, when your business needs one and options on deploying them within the organization. There’s a good summary of the two main goals of data science; improving the products your customers use and improving the decisions your business makes. There’s also a good checklist to determine if your business is ready for a data science team.

Netflix Knows Which pictures you’ll Click on and Why

One of the main selling features of a movie/show on Netflix is it’s cover image and Netflix what’s to know which images you do like and why. In this Fast Company article Nick Nelson, Netflix’s global manager of creative services, talks about movie/show images and how they impact click-thru. Some of the most interesting finds where that people seemed to gravitate towards images with few people in them, seemly being able to process the emotion of the image more quickly. Expressions of those in the image was also important where characters that showed high energy emotions were more likely to receive a click than those with stoic faces. House of Cards must be an outlier.

How Your Start-ups Org Chart Changes Your Product

A good reminder article about Conway’s Law and how to not build your org chart or maybe make sure your org chart reflects how you want your product build. Some interesting comments of how building the org chart can be avoided by employing micro services and creating a devops culture. There’s also some fun illustrations of org charts for Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

Find, Vet and Close the best Product Managers

Todd Jackson shares insights on how to look for, interview and hire great product people. There’s a good round-up of the must haves, nice to haves and optional. A rundown of type resumes that you might receive when hiring is also interesting but his comments on vetting candidates are the most useful. The sample interview questions could be helpful but the best reminder in this piece is that when you identify the perfect fit, how do you get this person in the door. You want to hire great people and great people want to work a great companies. Hiring for product people is really a two way street where you both have to do some selling.