The Last Ten Years Have Been About Social Networks – The Next 10 Will Be About “Market Networks”

I came across the NFX group while reading about the now defunct Ooga Labs and James Currier. This article, although almost a year old now, talks about how current marketplaces are two-sided but the future of online marketplaces will be multidimensional and for specialized services. That is, rather than just a buyer and a seller connecting, these marketplaces enable sellers, like general contractors, to assemble an network of trades to service a buyer.

No One Agrees How to Define CI or CD

If there’s one thing that we can agree on after reading this article it’s that we all have a different understanding of what continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and DevOps means. Cheat-sheet: CIntegration = main code base that’s always updated, CDelivery = having a code base that is ready to release at anytime, CDeployment = automated regular deployments to prod, and DevOps = one group owning it from start to production.

The 10 Best Product Launch Emails That Reengage Users

Often it’s not as much about acquiring users as it is about retaining users. I’ve given my email address away to countless sites only to have them reach-out to me months or years later like no time has past at all. This article highlights some of the tactics brands like Dropbox, Evernote and LinkedIn use to reengage users. The big takeaway is a bit “motherhood and apple pie” but be personal and provide value.

The Best Companies aren’t Afraid to Replace their Most Profitable Products

Almost 10 years ago I read an article on how Apple was so successful because it was ‘willing to eat its young’. The same is true today, if you’re going to fend off that startup that are happy grabbing 2% of your market share you have to be more ruthless than them and beat them to the door with your own product lines. Four rules of engagement: 1) Setup business units that compete with each other, 2) Find a balance between derivative products, platforms upgrades, and breakthrough innovation, 3) Create a bypass mechanism to pitch ideas to the top 4) Create a corporate goal with a percent of revenue earmarked to new products.